Human Resource Management Solution

Product Description

Are you looking for a solution to assist you during the recruitment phase and manage your property management team members more effectively?

This mini recruitment and human resource management solution includes all of your tools. Recruitment, induction, annual leave, termination & resignation checklists, letters, internal forms, job description templates, personal development forms and a detailed employment agreement with specific reference to property management tasks.

Complimentary tutorial

  • ECL 002 New Team Member Induction Checklist
  • ECL 001 Recruitment Checklist
  • ECL 002 Induction Checklist
  • ECL 003 Annual Leave Checklist
  • ECL 004 Termination Checklist
  • EF 000 Recruitment Application Form Answers
  • EF 000 Recruitment Application Form
  • EF 000A Interview Questions
  • EF 001 Recruitment Quiz
  • EF 002 Staff Intro Details
  • EF 003 Employee Register Details
  • EF 004 Leave Request
  • EF 006 Formal Warning
  • EF 007 Staff Performance Review
  • EF 008 I Promise Statement
  • EF 009 Destiny Statement
  • EF 010 Productivity Incentive
  • EF 011 Employee Complaint
  • EF 012 Daily Focus
  • Employee Job Descriptions
  • Employee Agreement
  • Choice of Super Fund
  • Seperation Certificate
  • Tax File Declaration Form


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