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How to stand out and win an award

Receiving an award is one of the most sought after career goals for property management team members and agencies and making the finalist list could be easier than you think.

The PPM Groups prestigious 'Best of the Best' awards event recognises outstanding achievement on a national level.
The Awards aim to encourage, recognise and promote excellence in the areas of service delivery, systems, technology, marketing, business development, leasing, personal achievement and best industry practices.

Following are 15 top tips in how to stand out and win an award

  1. Enter the awards and give it a go.
  2. Prepare yourself by reading the questions and work towards fulfilling and achieving the  criteria in advance.
  3. Be focused and work hard.
  4. Set goals and accomplish them.
  5. Find a mentor who can assist you.  Talk to your co-workers or superiors for ideas.  There is  power in collective thinking.
  6. Read the submission instructions and questions carefully.
  7. Google or attend training to gather ideas.
  8. Make sure you stick to the word limit.
  9. Focus on your key points and don't get off track.
  10.  Start with a short summary introduction and then outline in dot points (if applicable) how you  have fulfilled the requirements, your achievements and why you are different.  You need to  make it simple and easy for the judges to read.
  11. Use a coloured pen on your draft copy to highlight how many key points you have outlined if a  question is not a dot point format.  Often points can be allocated to how many different  concepts, actions, processes or ideas are shared.
  12. Evidence is the key to substantiate your submission.  Photos, document examples, reports,  testimonials, surveys, editorials, etc.  How can you prove that you have fulfilled the  criteria?
  13. Check and triple check your submission to ensure that it makes sense and there are no  grammatical errors.  Ask a third party person to read it as well.
  14. Visualise yourself receiving the award
  15. Never give up.  Not everyone wins an award the first time.  An award winning finalist is a  grand title that will give value-added credibility to the recipient as well as open up many  doors of opportunity.   Just do it.

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