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STEP 1 | Your Step to Getting Started

PM Health Check

Get your entire team involved

The PPM Group’s ‘Health Check’ is a great starting point, if you want to fast-track and stream-line your OWN internal operations, systems, processes, and checklists. Once you complete the questionnaire you will have a detailed action plan outlining what you need to focus on. more...

STEP 2 | Optional

Due Diligence Performance Review

Get ready and get started now

Our Due Diligence Performance Review digs a little deeper than a Health Check. Once we have identified your strengths and weaknesses within your property management business, we need to ensure that each management and tenancy document conforms with legislation and compliance requirements. more...

STEP 3 | Optional

Bond Audit Review

Get a detailed status of bonds held

Bonds held on rental properties are your protection guarantee should something go wrong at the end of a tenancy. It is important to know the status of your bonds as this process is generally not included in your annual trust account audit. more...

STEP 4 | Your Total PM Solution

PPM System

Get a step-by-step approach to PM

Are you looking to start-up a new rent roll, or do you want to fast-track the development of your internal procedures, checklists, and property management systems so you can recruit team members with greater ease. Let the PPM Group take the thinking out of your day-to-day processes. more...

STEP 4A | Optional Module

PPM Checklist Templates

Get ahead & fast-track your checklists

Have you developed your own internal systems and just want to tweak, cross-check, and improve your checklists? This option is your blueprint for property management success with more than 20 detailed checklist templates to assist in fast-tracking the development of your internal processes & procedures. more...

STEP 4B | Optional Module

PPM Letter Templates

Get organised with our standard letters

Have you ever considered how much time it takes to write the simplest of letters? Are your tenants and landlords receiving consistent and professional communications from all team members? Our 300+ PPM letter templates are designed to make it easy for you to correspond with landlords and tenants. more...

STEP 4C | Optional Module

PPM Form Templates

Get every action & request in writing

Imagine having a standard form to assist in your day-to-day tasks to educate and inform your landlords and tenants or having a pre-written form template outlining the responsibilities and obligations for landlord and tenant enquiries as well as the many day-to-day situations that may arise. more...

STEP 4D | Optional

Scripts & Dialogues (Role Plays)

Get your team switched on...
In What to Say - Audio Series

Are you looking for a solution to improve your PM team’s ability to sell your services, overcome fee objections and deal with every day-to-day challenging situations that can arise with tenants & landlords? more...

STEP 5 | Optional

PPM Online Training

Get your team educated & motivated

Are you looking for regular PM training sessions for your team? We offer a wide selection of property management training topics for new recruits, PM support team members, property managers, BDMs, leasing consultants, department managers and business owners. more...

STEP 5A | Optional

Rent Roll Growth Module + 6 Week Training Course

Get started in growing your rent roll
Do you want to grow your rent roll, but not sure where to start? We have taken the hard work and thinking out of the process to assist you in fast-tracking what you need to know to grow your rent roll and have developed a step-by-step system to assist your team in the tasks and activities that they need to engage in to get results with our checklists, annual planner, listing and marketing tools. more...

STEP 6 | Optional

End of Month Landlord Newsletter The Investor

Get connected with your landlords

Do you struggle to find the time to write articles for your End of Month Landlord Newsletter? Save time and connect with your landlords and let us take the thinking out of the process. more...


Recorded Training - How to Reduce your Risk of a Law Suit

Understand the concept of risk management and the legal risks when dealing with tenants and landlords during your day-to-day tasks. more...