Tenant Moving In Module Solution

Product Description
Are you looking to fine-tune or streamline your internal processes, one step at a time. Our Tenant Moving In Pack solution is a great introduction to our complete PPMsystem.

This solution provides the Tenant Moving In Checklist, 20 letters & 19 forms.

  • CL 8 Tenant Moving in Checklist
  • F 000 Tenant Inspection Confirmation
  • F 001 Application for Tenancy
  • F 001A Application Reference Record
  • F 001B Verification of Application Details (Rental Ref)
  • F 001C Guide to Processing an Application
  • F 001D Verification of Application (Employment Ref)
  • F 002A Tenant Acknowledgement
  • F 002B Pet Agreement
  • F 002C Tenant Information Sheet
  • F 002D Pool Erection Agreement
  • F 002E Tenant Approval - Confirmation of Monies Required
  • F 003 Body Corporate/Strata By Laws
  • F 004 Direct Transfer of Rental Payment
  • F 004A Rent Card - How to Use
  • F 005 Property Keys Rent Cards Issued
  • F 005A Rental Guarantee
  • F 007 New Let Advertising Invoice
  • F 021 Local Area Amenities
  • F 068 Inventory Template
  • PI 021 Property has been rented
  • PI 021A Property has been rented - No tenant report
  • PI 021B Casual let documentation enclosed
  • PI 022 Change of move in date
  • PI 023 Applicant not proceeding with moving in
  • PI 024 Pre tenant cleaning required
  • TEN 004 New tenant from another agent
  • TEN 008A Request to post agreement
  • TEN 008B Casual let introduction
  • TEN 008C Forfeit initial rent
  • TEN 008D Welcome to your new home (promote sales dept.)
  • TEN 008E Reimburse consideration monies
  • TEN 008F Tenancy application approval
  • TEN 008G Tenant request to pay rent in advance
  • TEN 008H Reminder to return condition report
  • TEN 008I Disagree with tenant condition report comments
  • TEN 008J Prospective tenant - notify database listing
  • TEN 008K Failure to return condition report
  • TEN 008L Condition report copy enclosed
  • TEN 008M Unsuccessful tenant application


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