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On-Line Live PM Training

What every property management team member needs to know about routine inspections

Event Code: OL PM TRAIN

Location: All States

From: 13/04/2021 to 13/04/2021

Time: 10:30am to 11:45am QLD Time

Event Description:

  • Learn how to conduct inspections to minimise your professional indemnity risk
  • Learn the areas that need attention when conducting inspections
  • Learn how to communicate with the tenant during the inspection to make them feel at ease
  • Learn discrete tips and tricks to determine if the tenant is breaching their agreement with pets and additional occupants
  • Learn the importance of preventative maintenance and how it can save the owner thousands
  • Learn how to prepare documentation to keep the owner informed
  • Learn how to determine what is fair wear and tear
  • Learn how to be aware and manage threatening situations during the inspection
  • Learn how to stand out as a professional and be remembered following the inspection

  • Step 1 - You will be emailed with a training link 30 minutes prior to the on-line training session (Please keep this in your inbox)
  • Step 2 - 10 minutes prior to the session you will need to open the email and click on the link to be invited to the training. Enter your name & email address
  • Step 3 - Our ''meet now'' screen will appear on your computer
  • Step 4 - On the right hand side of your ''meet now'' screen you will need to change the audio mode to Use Mic & Speakers
  • Step 5 - Our Head Office training screen ''Training PowerPoint'' will appear on your screen
  • Step 6 - Ensure your computer speakers are turned on
  • Step 7 - You will hear our trainer
  • Step 8 - The training will commence

    *The training session time may vary by 15 minutes.

Special Note: During the on-line training sessions you will not be able to ask the trainer questions, however, you will be able to type questions into the on-line training portal screen, which the trainer will answer at the conclusion of the session. On the right hand side of your ''Meet Now'' screen you will need to open your chat panel.

Debbie Palmer (Managing Director) - Expert Property Management Trainer & Coach | REIQ Multiple Award-Winning Property Manager of the Year.

Debbie is passionate about property management, which comes across during her training delivery. She is fast-paced and genuinely cares about motivating and educating all principals and property management team members.

Attendees are guaranteed to walk away feeling refreshed, motivated and energised.

Debbie celebrates more than 30 years'' experience in her property management career, working as a property manager and a business owner. She is the founder of the PPM Group [Est. 2000], a national company that encourages and supports business development opportunities within property management departments through the development of procedural systems, coaching, live training broadcasts and learning resource tools.

Debbie guest speaks with thousands of principals and property management team members each year around the nation and overseas on how to improve profitability, performance and productivity.

Debbie is well respected in the industry and has dedicated her working career to improving the ''mindset'' of principals and property managers; as well as the day-to-day internal operations of the property management business.

During Debbie''s working career she successfully doubled a rent roll [200+ net managements] within two years.


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