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Do you want the tools necessary to stand out as a true professional in a listing presentation and win the business. Do you want additional forms to guide you through the complexities of taking instructions from the landlord during the sign up process?

We have taken the hard work out of developing your listing tools.

All forms and documents can easily be modified and customised to your agency's branding.

Includes a complimentary 4 part coaching series.


  • What you need to know before building the rent roll
  • Marketing Activities, Strategies, Tips and ideas
  • Preparing for a Listing Presentation
  • What to say in a Listing Presentation, overcome objections and close the deal

We also highly recommend that you consider investing in our Property Management Scripts & Dialogues Audio Series that has 8 hours of role plays including how to appraise a property, sell your services and close the deal.

  • New Management Automated Visual Presentations that can be played on the iPad [3 different branding examples]
  • New Management Company Profile Template
  • F 013 Landlord Bank Details
  • F 046A Landlord New Management Checklist
  • F 046B Property Keys & Remotes Received
  • F 047 Authority to Process Insurance Claims
  • F 052 Property Management Profile
  • F 052A Marketing & Advertising Strategy
  • F 052B Why Choose an Agent
  • F 052C New Management Listing
  • F 052D Management Fee Calculator
  • F 052E Discounted Fee Comparison
  • F 053 Presentation Kit Layout Example
  • F 054 Management Fee Service Guide
  • F 055 Service Guarantee
  • F 060 Reception New Management Enquiry
  • F 062 Property Description


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