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Your total property management solution. A checklist for every process with hyperlink functionality to letters, forms, marketing tools, listing tools, scripts & dialogues, KPI reports, a learning resource centre, integration with trust programs and much more.

Welcome to our PPMsystem a complete property management procedural system solution that has been assisting agencies across Australia since 2000 to become more stream-lined, productive and profitable in their day-to-day operations.

There are more than 600 property management agencies utilising the system as their blueprint for property management success.

The system has assisted in fast tracking or fine-tuning the development of internal systems for property management agencies small and large.

Experienced and quality property management team members are becoming harder to recruit and the PPMsystem gives you the freedom to recruit outside the industry.

The PPMsystem brings to your agency a system dependent solution rather than a people dependent solution.

You can focus on managing your business, while we focus on managing, coaching and training your team.

The system is comprehensive and focuses on the day-to-day processes in accordance with best practice, legislation and compliance procedures in a strategic and logical format.

There are interactive checklists for every process. Follow the checklist hyperlinks and you cannot go wrong. At the click of a button the required forms, letters, documents, scripts, tips, legislation and KPI reporting appears on the computer screen with no need for paper.

The system can operate in a cloud environment and integrates with the leading trust account software.

The PPMsystem checklists also have a strong focus on tasks to action to ensure that you are delivering a superior level of service to your clients, being proactive rather than reactive and utilising every point of contact to improve bottom-line profits and connect with sales generated leads that many agencies often miss.

The backbone to the system is the collection of detailed checklists with hyperlink functionality to more than:

- 60 Training procedures/flowcharts/tips
- 150 Forms
- 250 Standard letters
- 220 Scripts and dialogues

It is the answer to streamlining your internal agency''s operations and also includes the following systems:

- Tenant reference and archive management database
- Business development management
- Client service surveys
- Electronic filing system
- E-Marketing, target cards, brochures, promotional flyers, property management company profile and lots more marketing material
- Listing presentation tools
- Key performance indicator (KPI) reports
- Human resource management module

And lots more.

The system is individually personalised with your agency''s logo and contact details and can be customised to complement the flow of your internal processes.


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