Recorded Training - Preparing for a Listing Presentation

Product Description

Part 3 - This session will focus on the art of developing relationships, the questions you need to ask and how to manage a new management enquiry.

- Learn how to manage the 4 different enquiry types
- Learn what to say to develop the relationship and create long-term loyal clients
- Learn the questions to ask to effectively qualify the client
- Learn the techniques and how to master the art of creating conversation with the client
- Learn how to work smarter not harder by the properties and landlords your choose
- Learn what information should be included in your profile and listing presentation documentation
- Learn what information to gather on your local area to stand out as a professional
- Learn how to prepare a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) to substantiate your rental appraisal
- Learn how to implement a property and landlord selection criteria
- Learn how to manage let only enquiries to turn them into new managements


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